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Our activities inspire creative expression and interaction between educational and cultural organizations working to make all of Europe’s and American societies more open

We pursue our vision in many ways and all our activities are linked to our three guiding principles. Our activities include programs, awards, grants schemes, targeted advocacy actions, publications and online knowledge platforms. Many of these link to our current theme.

  • Three Grants schemes support all kinds of artistic and cultural expression across wider Europe. Over the last five years, EAICE-Foundation has supported over 1500 projects across 58 countries.


  • Youth and Media program works with the Doc Next Network – which includes six cultural organizations – linking up with young media makers working across Europe and America. The program is sponsored by IDETC.
  • European and American Neighborhood program works to create new opportunities for exchange and cultural development across wider Europe and America, specifically Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey and the Arab-Med region. The program is sponsored by DETCA.


  • Excellent Education and Culture Contribution Award  celebrates creative excellence and impact across Europe and America the IACUE supports the development of new research in the sector.
  • Online platforms (EAICE-Foundation Labs) and publications play an essential role in supporting EAICE-Foundation programs and help us advocate for cultural and education development across Europe and America. The program is sponsored by ACICS.


  • We partner with organizations to create change and influence, currently we are engaged with the we are more campaign, together with Culture Action Europe and America which was launched in October 2012. The program is sponsored by ACBSP.


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