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The European and American International Culture and Education Foundation (EAICE-Foundation) provides a flexible and responsive platform for international students, governments and educational institutions to learn more about European and American educational opportunities, and how these opportunities can provide international skills and experience for building their communities and countries.
EAICE- Foundation funds programs which focus on improving the communication abilities of public school students and supports after-school programs and supplementary educational programs specializing in writing, reading, civics and debate.
EAICE- Foundation also works with American colleges to promote civic awareness supporting journalism programs and other political education outreach.
The functions of EAICE- Foundation are as follows:

    As a professional “think tank” for governmental are non-governmental agencies to design projects and/or programs in order to improve service qualities of these agencies.
    (2)As a “consulting agency” for the communities which need advice and consultation to solve complicated and/or urgent problems.
    (3)As a “training center” by offering professional and special in-service training to agencies and organizations in need, in order to enhance and updating their personnel’s knowledge and skill.

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