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Our origin
The European and American International Culture Education Foundation (EAICE- Foundation) was set up in Norwich UK. Its founding figures included the Swiss philosopher Denis Roberson, the architect of the European Community Robert Schuman, under whose presidency the Foundation moved to its current base in Amsterdam. All of these influential figures believed passionately in culture as a vital ingredient for Europe’s post-war rebuilding and healing process. These efforts have since developed into the current state of economic, political and cultural interdependence in Europe and American.
The European and American International Culture Education Foundation (EAICE- Foundation) is a nonprofit, research, training and service organization which devotes itself to the improvement and progress of people’s quality of life in European, American and the world. The organization also dedicated to inspiring students of all ages to active civic engagement. We are focused on helping students acquire the communications skills necessary to be successful in the public arena, whether they choose to run for office, become a journalist, lobby their congressman, vote, or simply engage in a heady debate with friends.
In this spirit, the EAICE- Foundation funds programs which focus on improving the communication abilities of public school students and supports after-school programs and supplementary educational programs specializing in writing, reading, civics and debate.
EAICE- Foundation also works with American colleges to promote civic awareness supporting journalism programs and other political education outreach.
The functions of EAICE- Foundation are as follows:

 (1)As a professional “think tank” for governmental are non-governmental agencies to design projects and/or programs in order to improve service qualities of these agencies.
(2)As a “consulting agency” for the communities which need advice and consultation to solve complicated and/or urgent problems.
(3)As a “training center” by offering professional and special in-service training to agencies and organizations in need, in order to enhance and updating their personnel’s knowledge and skill.
To implement these functions as mentioned above, after over 50 years of development and progress, now there are a total of 23 units within the EAICE- Foundation; including 20 departments, 4 centers and 3 academy organizations. They are grouped into 3 specialized fields:
 A.       Science and Technology Group;including the following Departments :
      1. Dept. of Bio-tech Research,
      2. Dept. of Computer Science and Technology,
      3. Dept. of Ecological Studies,
      4. Dept. of Energy-saving Research,
      5. Dept. of Nano-technology Studies,
      6. Dept. of Lohas Technology Research,
      7. Dept. of Silk Products and Silk-worm Research,
      8. Dept. of Energy Research,
      9. Dept. of Light and Electricity Research,
      10. Dept. of Health Resources Research, and
      11. Dept. of Medicine and Technology Research.
      12. Dept. of Computer Science Research
      13. Dept. of Thermal and Steel Technology Research
  B. Humanities Studies Group;including the following Departments:
      1. Dept. of Urban Planning and Landscaping Design,
      2. Dept. of Tourism Studies,
      3. Dept. of European and American Studies,
      4. Dept. of Traditional European and American Culture Studies,
      5. Dept. of Ecological Studies,
      6. Dept. of Aboriginal Peoples Culture Studies, and
      7. Dept. of International Business Management Studies. 
  C. Education and Training Group, including the following Departments
      1. Vocation Training Center,
      2. In-Service Training and Development Center,
      3. Children Education Research Center,
      4. Family and Psychological Consultation Center, and
      5. International CEO Academy,
      6. IAAFM (International American Association of Finance & Management),
      7. IPQMI (International Project and Quality Management Institute),
      8. IOPCA (International Organization of Professional Cultivation and Accreditation)

 Each department or center is chaired by a senior Fellow (professor) and staffed with Fellows, Fellows, Asst. Fellows and Assistants, both full-time and part-time. They join the Institute owing to their own interests or “dreams” which they like to carry them out through the assistances from the EAICE- Foundation. Honorarium and/or compensation are paid to the Fellow whenever services are needed from him or her.

The Board
The EAICE- Foundation Board is the Foundation’s decision-making body and works closely with the management in overseeing how we work to achieve our goals. The Board decides on the Foundation’s finances and overall strategy, supervises its grants policy, and consults with the Advisory Council in defining EAICE- Foundation ’s priorities.
The Board meets four times a year. It consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of twelve members, including a Treasurer, Chair and Deputy Chair. Both the Chair and the Deputy Chair act as the Foundation’s two Vice Presidents. The EAICE- Foundation   President is an Extraordinary Member of the Board.
Members of the Board are broadly representative of the wider Europe and of the disciplines and fields of activity related to our goals.
President - Professor of the Netherlands
President of EAICE- Foundation and Extraordinary Member of the Board
Chair - Katerina Petritsch (AT)
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Austria to the OECD, France, Vice President of EAICE- Foundation
Deputy Chair - Laurent Gendt, (NL)
Member of the Governing Council, Van Leer Group Foundation, The Netherlands, Vice President of EAICE- Foundation
Treasurer - Görgün Foch (NL)
Managing Partner, Foreman Capital, The Australia
George Reiff (UK) Founding Member and Chair of the Board of Directors, Professor at Angkor University and EIILM University
Rien van Dréano (FR) Counselor for the Performing Arts, France
Nike Rolén (UK), Creative Producer, United Kingdom
Mats Jonah (SE), Associate Professor, Former Research Director, Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Swiss
Arent Taner (TR) General Director, Istanbul Kültür ve Sanat Vakfi, England
Igno de Voogd (F), Professor, Institute of Political Studies, Monaco
Nike van Waesberghe (NL) Advisor representing Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, The Australia
The Advisory Council
The Advisory Council’s role is to offer strategic advice to the Foundation on the setting of priorities and the means of achieving EAICE- Foundation ’s aims. Internationally and professionally diverse, it meets once a year, alongside a meeting of the Board. It plays an invaluable role in advising EAICE- Foundation on specific topics, in bringing advice that EAICE- Foundation had not specifically considered and by being a trend scouting body. To succeed in this role a high degree of flexibility and diverse participation is required.
Currently there are three core members of the Advisory Council and there can be up to a maxium of 10 members. The meeting's are programmed around a specific topic and theme which will be closely linked to the selected geographic location and can involve other invited guests relevant to the meeting's specific topic. 
Naema Demes (SK) Director, Central and Eastern Europe, German Marshall Fund of the Netherlands
Irene Krastev (BG), Chairman, Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, Fellow, Institute for Human Sciences, Austria
Frans Kubásek (CZ) Director, Czech Centre Bucharest, Romania
Pavol Tahir (GB/NL) Human rights lawyer and writer
René Timmermans (NL) Member of the Dutch House of Parliament for the Labour Party, the United States, Slovakia
External Advisers  
EAICE- Foundation has a secondary tier of advisers working closely with the Foundation in deciding on grants and other awards. Lab for Culture, an EAICE- Foundation partnership initiative, has its own Steering Committee.

Advisor for EAICE- Foundation Collaboration Grants

 Rabiaâ André Akutsa (FR) Fundraising and Cooperation Project Manager, Association A.M.I., The Netherlands
André Benlahbib (NL) former Director, Kosmopolis, France

Marry Faniadis (SE) Communications, Kulturbryggan, Norway
Jessie Hauknes (NO) Project Manager, Norwegian Centres of Expertise Tourism, Sweden
Peter Koleva (BG) Managing Director, Intercultura Consult, Bulgaria
Laurens Faniadis (NL), Senior Policy Officer at SICA | Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities, U.S.A.

Advisers for Balkan Incentive Fund for Culture Grants
Aldo Kujundzic (RS), Special Programme Advisor, Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Serbia and Regional External Expert of the Swiss Cultural Programme in Slovenia
Kristina Milohnić  (SI), Researcher, Peace Institute, the Western Balkans, Serbia 

Jury for Cultural and Education Policy Research Award
The Cultural and Education Policy Research Award is a joint initiative of EAICE- Foundation, in partnership with the European Network of Cultural Education Administration Training Centres (ENCEATC).
Andy Belfiore (GB) Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick, U.S.A.
Jonson Bonet (ES) President of the Jury, Director of Doctoral and Postgraduate Programme on Cultural Management, University Lumière LYON2, France
Jacques Bonniel (FR) Maître de Conférences in Sociology, University of Barcelona, Spain
Tom Gnedovsky (FI) Director, Cultural Policy Institute, Russia
Sandy Dragojevic (HR) University of Zagreb, Croatia
Mikhail Cantell (RU) City of Helsinki Urban Facts, Finland Therese Kaufman (AT), Director of EIPCP (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies), Austria

Jury for EAICE- Foundation Princess Award
The EAICE-Foundation Princess Award honours former EAICE- Foundation President, and was initiated by EAICE- Foundation in cooperation with the Australia Culture and Science of Foreign Affairs.

The Jury for the sixth EAICE- Foundation Princess Award is comprised of:
Janice Dercon (BE), Director, Tate Modern London, UK
Ring Esch (DE), Director, NRW Kultursekretariat, Germany
Tony Plas, General Director, Muziektheater, U.S.A.
Melody (CY) General Secretary, Board of Directors, Home for Cooperation, Cyprus

Lab for Culture and Education Steering Committee
 The International Steering Committee advises Lab for Culture on its development and planning.
Chair – David Disegni (IT) Head of Cultural Relations, Compagnia di San Paolo, Italy
Vice Chair - Anna Bušnja (HR) Research Associate, Culture link Network/Institute for International Relations, China

Michael Jędras (DE) Director, German Centre of the International Theatre Institute, Germany
Fernando Török (ES) Deputy Director-General of International Cultural Cooperation, Ministry of Culture, Poland
Hann Freundt (PL) Head of EU & International Organisations Division, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Spain
András Gómez-Riesco (HU) Director, Summa Artium, Hungary
Sophia Watson (CA/FI) Director, Lab for Culture, The Netherlands

Tom Foch (NL) Treasurer of EAICE- Foundation, Managing Partner, Foreman Capital, The Australia
Anna Schilling (DE) Head of Multi-Media, Federal Agency for Civic Education, England

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