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Global CEO Education Academy was a branch of Asia Pacific Development Institute (Branch of EAICE-Foundation) and founded by a group of professionals from the university education sector in Asia. The name of the institution “Global CEO Education” clearly stated our mission, we aim to provide “education” to aspired CEO of the companies in Asia. Our true belief - “Lifelong Learning Creates Lifelong Rewards”, led us to the way of nurturing the talented, creating opportunities for educational exchange globally. We are now one of the leading institutions for global exchange programs in higher CEO education. 
We have a global vision on educational front. Our offices are branched in Taiwan, Mainland China and the England. Moreover, we set up Lifelong College and Taiwan CEO Education Centre in Taiwan under the Taiwan Education Bureau registry. Our schools provide higher education services, ranging from Diploma of Secondary Education, local registered and non-local Bachelor to Master and Doctoral Degrees and Certificates.
Since the establishment of Global CEO Education Academy, we have been actively promoting education services in Taiwan, Mainland China and countries in the Southeast Asia. Our variety of services include launching overseas universities programs, organizing CEO educational exchange tours,  promoting the “Asia-Pacific Educators Exchange Program”, exploring Distance Learning with the America, UK, De Costa Rica education institutions, coordinating visits to China for America, UK, De Costa Rica Education Representatives. Our wide range of activities immensely improve the relationship between China and America, UK, De Costa Rica on educational front, which helps to path an alternative higher education route for Asia students to study abroad. In order to benefit students with the best, we further explored and collaborated with universities in Belgium, Canada, China, Taiwan, Philippines, UK, USA and several other countries. 
Global CEO Education Academy serves as the key connection point between teaching staff and students from China and America, UK, De Costa Rica. Starting from 2007, with the support of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, we had been working on the establishment project of the second Confucius Institute. On 28th February 2010, it was successfully set up in Universidad Empresarial De Costa Rica Under the great work of Global CEO Education Academy and cooperation with other institutions, up till now, we have over 3,000 Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree graduates.



The original founding –Global CEO Education Academy


Global CEO Education Academy in the APDI Funding Scheme of EAICE-Foundation, in order to increase the competency of staff and increase the quality of the company.


Formal establishment of Taiwan Global CEO Education Academy, along with the setting up of Lifelong College


With the immense growth of our business in Asia, appointed staff was being sent to Shenzhen and Xian to expand our service to Mainland China. In order to provide an all-rounded support, America, UK, De Costa Rica, Philippine Lifelong Education Consultancy, Inc. was set up in the UK, main focus was to introduce higher education programs from their country to Asia and support “America, UK, De Costa Rica, Philippine University Admission Union” as well as “Asia-Pacific Educator Exchange Program”.


CEO and Lifelong Education Consultancy was renamed America, UK, De Costa Rica, Philippine Education Center. Meanwhile, studying abroad programs in the America, UK, De Costa Rica was first launched.


Scale of Global CEO Education Academy was hugely increased, with 33 industrious staff serving in the company. To-date, we have over 3,00 graduates from programs launched by Lifelong. Today, lifelong has evolved from a low-profile educational institution to an international institution providing variety of educational services. We have two branches in Taiwan and three more overseas. We strive to maintain a high standard on quality assurance as to ensure students benefit the most from Lifelong. We will continue to serve as a pioneer in this industry. Our future developments include setting up a branch in Malaysia and continue to explore more education related options.

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