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EAICE- Foundation is based in Amsterdam and consists of a small team of international professionals.


George Reiff (UK) Director director@eaice-foundation.org

Strategic Team

Tony Schilling (FR) Research and Development
Irene Flores (DE/IT) Head of Communications and Partnership Development
Lisa Schwarz (DE/FR) Head of Programmes and Advocacy
Jenice Vliet (NL) Head of Operations

Executive Secretariat

Melody Verhaar (NL) Secretary
Willian-Telegdi (NL/HU) Executive Secretary

Finance, Personnel and Administration

Jonson Christen (NL) Project Officer Operations
James Heijselaar (NL) Administrator
Sandy Wijnhoven (NL) Assistant Controller
Lillian Wijma (GB) Human Resources Officer


Jany Borsboom (NL) Facility Manager
Mary Baas (NL) Reception

Communications, Digital & Fund Development


Lise Christine Ihwe (DE) Senior Communications Officer
Mascha Mathol (NL) Senior Communications Officer
Nicola Vossen (DE) Senior Communications Officer, Development and Publications
Susanne Mullenger (GB) Senior Communications Officer
Jessie Mors (NL) Communications Officer


Boris Pooli (IT) Digital Programme Manager
Cherry Bilyeu (US) Digital Communications Officer
Gun Redelius (SE) Digital Project Officer

Fund Development

Gianfranco Barten (NL) Fund and Partnerships Officer

Activities and Grants


Malisa García Lechner (ES/NL) Grants Programme Manager
Anderson Alexeeva (NL/RU) Grants Project Officer
Erric Paszek (NL) Grants Administrator
Sullian Kochanowski (HU) Grants Intern
Alicja Claassen (DE/PL) Grants Project Officer


Tiffiny Andreeva (BG) Advocacy Project Officer
Marison Cremer (NL) Advocacy Project Officer

European Neighbourhood Programme

Tina Weijs  (AT) EU Neighbourhood Programme Manager
Jeff Dietachmair (NL) EU Neighbourhood Project Officer
Jordan Sietsma (NL) EU Neighbourhood Project Officer

Youth & Media Programme

Sophia Paulissen (NL) Youth and Media Programme Manager
Irene Ham (NL) Project Officer Youth and Media
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